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35 court is an unmarked location inside the boston financial district this high end skyscraper once was guarded by a plethora of robots and turrets contents, 35 court terminals from the vault fallout wiki jump to navigation search you can help the vault by writing it turret control edit edit source note accessing this command manipulates the laser turrets section needed this section is needed but has not been written yet, well if that 35 court armor is still glitching for you when you hit lvl 30 you can find an x01 on the road leading to fort strong nothings guarding it its just sitting in an outpost or if you have a high level lockpick theres one in a train car at the national guard yard 35 court the vault fallout wiki everything you need to

X 01 Power Armor The Vault Fallout Wiki Fallout 4

35 court leave the building and head southeast to reach a barricade which you should head east from either passing over it or under it when you run out of east turn north to find a green building with a red door the 35 court building inside youll find a mess of dead raiders, for more detailed information on this category please visit the topic article vault 88

vault 81 is a fallout shelter developed by vaulttec located in the commonwealth in 2287 if the vault is accessed by passing the charisma check one will still need to speak to mcnamara before access to the elevator is gained slocums joe garage alcove malden police station 35 court , vault 76 everything you need to know before fallout 76 vault 76 the vault connected to bethesdas new title fallout 76 is one of these control vaults it was one of 17 control vaults among a still unknown number of vaulttec vaults each control vault was given up to 500 residents half of the maximum sustainable capacity, heres everything you need to know about fallout 76 including postlaunch controversies using the settlement features from fallout 4 you and your fellow vault 76 dwellers must rebuild a Description: The Pics of 35 court the vault fallout wiki everything you need to from http://fallout.gamepedia.com/x-01_power_armor